Commended Commentary List

One of the most common questions brethren have is “What’s the best commentary on _____?” Sometimes I have an answer and sometimes I’m the one doing the asking! I decided to put together a survey so that I’d have a handy index of some go-to resources for Bible study – both for my own use and to share with others.

It turned out to be a fairly significant project but attached is the result: The Commended Commentary List.

Please note you can freely share this material with others (and I hope you will). I am so thankful to the men who filled out the survey and made this project possible, and Noah Diestelkamp for his excellent graphic design skills and Stephen Hunt for help with the website. I pray that the CCL will be valuable to us all as we seek to read and study books that will help us understand The Book.

Click the link below to download the PDF. It’s free!

Mark Roberts

Restoration Movement

The main purpose this website “Researching the history of churches of Christ, of Independent Christian Churches, and Disciples of Christ.” Will know I cannot even imagine the number of hours or volunteers required to put this website together. By far the largest collection of writings of the founders of these religious groups will on the Internet.

On the right-hand side of the webpage Is a Link for the “Master Index” this takes you to an alphabetical listing of all the authors and works contained within the site. Some only authors contained within this site include Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone, H. Leo Boles, and one of my favorites J. W. McGarvey. Many of his works are no longer in print but they available on the website.

In Search of Truth

This website is owned and operated by a very sound and diligent servant of God who I have come to know. In the forums area you can find ongoing discussions of various religious questions. Forums are challenging and very time-consuming to maintain. Also present is an extensive collection of articles on various subjects. There are some audio sermons on the site, although the sister site to this (Words Fitly Spoken) has a much larger collection. The site also contains an online Bible correspondence course, a large collection of links to other sites, and a valuable selection of downloads. This website is one of my five most favorite religious sites on the Internet and I strongly recommend you visit this site.


Archived Gospel Meetings

This single page site contains a large collection of links to various congregations’ audio collections of sermons and hymns. I was impressed with the sheer number of links offered from many different men going back over the last several years. If you enjoy audio sermons, you should definitely visit this site.
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Bible Gateway

This website is not flashy or beautiful. It is however very functional and one of the websites I use more than any other. When I want to look up one or two passages it is much faster and easier than opening a Bible program. You can navigate to any book and chapter in one click. you will have a choice of using any of 30+ English translations and at least that number of translations from different languages. It also has a keyword search with the ability to restrict your search to only certain parts of the Bible.


Kleinwood church of Christ

I know many of you enjoy singing and I know you will also enjoy this website. A church in the Houston Texas area has a period of a few days each summer set aside for singing. Normally the attendance for these singings is into the hundreds and the sounds is very moving for all those in attendance. They make the recordings of these events available on the website free of charge. Currently they have the last 10 years available as a download, one file for each year. . These files have been compressed to make the download smaller, contact me if you need assistance with those files.


New Magazine Launched

“We’ve just launched a new monthly periodical for Christians, Pressing On magazine. Pressing On is an e-zine available for download on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Android, laptop, desktop PC, Mac, or just about any other electronic device with a screen. Monthly columnists include Warren Berkley, Dee Bowman, Chuck Durham, and Mark Roberts. You can see a free sample at www.PressingOnMagaz where you can also subscribe. Subscriptions are normally $10 a year but until November 23 you can take advantage of our introductory rate of only $8 a year. Everyone who subscribes or signs up for free email updates by November 23 will be entered in a drawing for a free Kindle e-reader. We think Pressing On can be a big help to disciples who want to be more effective followers of Christ.

Come check us out at –

Mark Roberts

Appealing Church Websites

Here are some samples of what I believe are some of the better designed websites. My opinion is based upon my years as a computer professional working with user interfaces as well as website design and maintenance. I wish it were possible for me to view every church website before making my determination of the best. Since that is not possible, I can only compare to those sites I have seen.
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For those of you who are familiar with Google Earth and interested in Bible history and geography you will love this site. This site is a collection of KML files which can be opened by Google Earth, using either the standalone application or the web browser plug-in. These files are divided up by books of the Bible or there is a composite file which can be saved to your computer. All these files are distributed using the creative Commons license which many Bible class teachers will find helpful.  Additionally there are map overlays for comparison between ancient and current times. There are also 14,000+ photos of over 1000 different places mentioned in the Bible, organized by location. This site is DEFINITELY a very handy tool for researching Bible geography. – Church Directory

Site Purpose

The purpose of the TruthDirectory website is to provide a resource for Christians traveling in unfamiliar areas to find sound congregations. There already exist several directories for congregations who have a “church of Christ” sign on their building without regard to what they might teach or practice. That is not the purpose of this site. Due to the myriad of facts contained and the frequency of changes in addresses, phone numbers, and service times keeping any directory up to date is almost impossible. We are dependent on you, our readers, to ensure your congregation’s information is as up-to-date as possible.

About This Site

The prior version of this website was based on a MS Access database. This website required that data be migrated into MySQL. I have done my very best to ensure that every piece of information made it to the new site and will display in the best format. Despite all that, I am sure I have missed some pieces of information or made errors in how the information is presented. Please accept my apologies if your information is not correct and notify us so that your listing displays the most up-to-date information.

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