Commended Commentary List

One of the most common questions brethren have is “What’s the best commentary on _____?” Sometimes I have an answer and sometimes I’m the one doing the asking! I decided to put together a survey so that I’d have a handy index of some go-to resources for Bible study – both for my own use and to share with others.

It turned out to be a fairly significant project but attached is the result: The Commended Commentary List.

Please note you can freely share this material with others (and I hope you will). I am so thankful to the men who filled out the survey and made this project possible, and Noah Diestelkamp for his excellent graphic design skills and Stephen Hunt for help with the website. I pray that the CCL will be valuable to us all as we seek to read and study books that will help us understand The Book.

Click the link below to download the PDF. It’s free!

Mark Roberts