The Role Of The Father In The Home?

Approaching this Father’s Day, from the archives is this article by Irvin Lee appearing in the magazine in May of 1984. I know many Bible students will appreciate his thoughts on this subject. His dedication to the Scriptures and years of experience preaching the Gospel insure that a small investment of your time will be well worth while.

The Role Of The Father In The Home

Echoes: Evolution and Modernism at Abilene Christian College

As part of a series in 1965 Cecil Willis wrote an article reviewing a book entitled THE MIRROR OF A MOVEMENT, subtitled “Churches of Christ as seen through the Abilene Christian College Lectureship.”  Although lengthy, this is an excellent piece reviewing the progression of modernism at Abilene Christian.  The review discusses views for the church, ideologies of the early and late speakers at the lectureship and the topic of evolution and plenary inspiration of the Bible.

Evolution and Modernism at Abilene Christian College

Echoes: Searching The Scriptures An Overview

Appearing in the last issue of searching the Scriptures is an article by the editor at that time – Donnie Rader with an overview of the paper’s history He discusses the tremendous efforts of its previous editors H.E. Phillips and Connie Adams, some of its policies, and its impact. As I read this article I could not help but be affected by what this paper meant to these men. Although all the issues are PDF format, this post does not require any special tools to view.

Searching The Scriptures An Overview

Eulogy for Mom

In October 2000 a touching article appeared entitled “Eulogy for Mom”. I can only assume this was delivered by Lewis Willis at the funeral of his mother Wilhelmina Elizabeth Thompson Willis. With Mother’s Day approaching and some discourse occurring in the political arena regarding the value of stay-at-home moms, this piece is especially poignant. This article has several stories which tug at the heart strings, will make you smile, and remind us of the importance of this irreplaceable role both to the family and to society at large. In regards to her value, I am left with the question “Where else could she have invested her talents that would have meant more to her, her family, and to the future of the Lord’s church?”

Eulogy for Mom

Differences Between Brethren

They are led to believe that the Church of Christ is a calm, placid lake, with an unruffled surface, over which men with indolent ease float to the promised haven of rest. But this never was, nor ever will be the true character of the Church of Christ. Through conflicts and strife, through watchfulness and ceaseless vigilance, the crown is to be won. – David Lipscomb Gospel Advocate, Volume XII, Number 45, Nov. 18, 1869.

In October 1958, Cecil Willis wanted to highlight by reprinting in the pages of Truth Magazine, an article which had been pinned In 1869. The author of this article, David Lipscomb, is defending the stance the Gospel Advocate had taken in regards to the discussion of controversial subjects in its pages. Some readers had charged they could not use the Gospel Advocate as a teaching tool with new converts because it contained these controversies.
Differences Between Brethren

Differences Among Brethren

in 1996 Johnny Stringer wrote a very good article about dealing with differences between brethren. He very aptly deals with differences which arise regarding congregational activities as well as personal matters. He further breaks down these categories into several situations providing sound reasoning and many Scripture references. A good resource for dealing with the inevitable issues that will arise between brethren..

Differences Among Brethren

The Messiah and Racial Problems

In February 1963, Franklin T.. Puckett delivered an address at the Florida Christian College lectures on the subject of “The Messiah and Racial Problems”. Those connected with the magazine at the time were so impressed they immediately sought permission to reprint the entirety of his address in the magazine.

William E. Wallace wrote regarding this dissertation:

We believe it is a masterpiece. It deals fairly and squarely with the issues of race relations. It is scholarly and accurate in research and data; it is biblical and practical in both its observations and applications.

Link:The Messiah and Racial Problems

“Liberal”: What Does That Mean?

In 1990 Boppy Holmes wrote an excellent article on the meaning of the term liberal. He uses some Old Testament examples to show the flawed logic of taking a “broad minded” approach to obedience to God’s commands. As was warned when the institutional controversy arose so many institutional congregations are now reaping the benefits of this broad-minded interpretation of God’s commands.

“Liberal”: What Does That Mean?

Echoes from the Past: The Need for Parental Authority

In November 1959 Truth Magazine reprinted an article which originally appeared in the gospel Advocate in April of 1931. The article was by H. Leo Boles, a recognized Bible scholar of the period, on the need for parental authority. Clearly, this is an important subject for every generation as we can see all around us the evidence in society of a failure to apply these biblical principles.

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