Watchmen Series: Technology in Preaching

This is a great series and fits with one of my goals for this website, technology and the Internet in serious Bible study. Note: I may not have these articles in the correct order.

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Watchman Magazine Article Series Page

Stan Cox has done an excellent job with the Watchman Magazine website. I have to give credit to Stan for my introduction to WordPress. He has put a great many hours into indexing the articles contained on the website by subject area as well as by author. The purpose of this post is to highlight a page of his website which contains a list of all the article series Watchman Magazine has published. The list is grouped by year along with the author and the date the series appeared If applicable.
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Series: The Bible Class Question

All articles by J. R. Pope

Published by Truth Magazine May 1977

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Truth Magazine Series: Secular Humanism

Problems in the Church

The below series of articles was done by Cecil Willis while editing truth magazine between 1961 in 1963.

All-Sufficient Article Collection

Series by Cecil Willis

Articles by George S. Lemasters



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Sponsoring Church